Adalat Oros Adalah


adalat oros adalah

Drinks Water— Juices— Infusions and Decoctions— Fermented Liquors-

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in full for the gross neglect of sanitary laws. The

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/duces, excessive salivation, bleeding and spongy gums, bleeding from

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and to whitewash the walls twice a year ; and the public

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the body often retains its weight, and sometimes even gains under the

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be just a statistical fluke. Mice show variations in temperature

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The sulphate of the British Pharmacopoeia has the same sensible prop-

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This is made by direct combination of litharge and nitric acid. It

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is also a considerable proportion of starch and gum, which render cer-

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cium, Solution of Chloride of Barium^ Chloride qf Sodium or Common Salt, Mu-

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that it really possesses no incoDsiderablo curative powers.* The pros-

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Since the discovery of ealicin, this preparation has been aJmost ex-

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