Why should you choose paper shredders?


For the destruction of confidential paper, the possibilities for confidential destruction depends on the amount of paper, the confidentiality of the document, the design of your business processes and the applicable legal requirements.

It is also important for your business or organizations to destroy confidential papers to prevent the company from falling into the wrong hands. Besides, you can get suitable paper shredders information from paper shredders reviews, for familiar use.


How can you destroy confidential papers?

You can destroy your paper using a paper shredder. Or you can choose to let it destroy your confidential paper certified by a professional data destroyer. But which solution is best for you?

Destroy paper with a paper shredder

A paper shredder is the office solution for destroying small amounts of highly classified paper. A paper shredder shreds paper so that the information in the paper is lost to unauthorized persons. However, the confidential destruction is limited because with the help of computer programs, demonstrably information can be made readable again as mentioned as unshredding on the site Wikipedia.

Capacities of paper shredders

The equipment is available in different capacities; some can destroy few A4 pages to a capacity of 25-50 A4 pages per minute. The paper is cut into strips with a knife in the longitudinal direction. With the more expensive paper shredder versions, paper cutting also in the width direction and are therefore ideally suited for the destruction of highly confidential documents. When purchasing a paper shredder you should consider the purchase and maintenance and sustainable removal of the shredded material so that it can get a rezoning again.

Benefits of paper shredders:

  • Your paper waste will be less bulky.
  • The better shredder can also destroy CD-ROMs and cards.
  • You may at any time of day destroy a confidential document.

Disadvantages of paper shredders:

  • Small scale of paper
  • Shredders make noise.
  • You have to deal with maintenance costs.
  • The shredder can suffer from interference.
  • Shredders use plastic bags.
  • You can not destroy large quantities in a short time.

Are you going to do self-confidential paper shredding?

Note the protection class of your shredder. Choose at least for a DIN P-3 shredder or higher.

Professional data destroyer

For the destruction of large quantities of confidential paper, it makes sense to enable a certified data destroyer. For example, for the removal of your archives. This data destruction companies are independently inspected at the entire collection and destruction process.

Closed destruction system

Most professional data destroyers work with a closed system of destruction. This implies that the entire process of collection including the destruction of the paper takes place in confidential. For example, use lockable roll cages.

The roll containers are then emptied by appointment in a secure transport vehicle. This process of collection and processing is certified. The process is regularly audited by an accredited institution, VPGI which the implementation is assured of a standardized rules. All your paper will be destroyed behind closed doors in personnel and supervised by security cameras.

You can also choose to offer familiar paper smaller amounts to the destruction location of the data destroyer.

Certified Data Destroyer

Always choose a CA + certified data destroyer. Companies that are certified with CA + will be suitable to destroy your confidential paper according to the rules established by the FNOI destroy.

Benefits of paper destruction by a professional data destroyer

  • With professional data destroyer you take the brunt of the destruction from the hands.
  • Environmentally friendly processing as feed stock for the tissue industry.
  • Your confidential paper waste can be destroyed and retrieved on demand.
  • You are assured of complete destruction at a certified data destroyer.
  • All confidential information can easily deposit in lock containers.

Disadvantages of paper destruction by a data shredder

  • For small amounts of familiar paper, it is not necessary and expensive.

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