Advice on lawnmowers that you need to know


You are about to purchase a lawn mower. Which mower is best for you depends on several things. How big is your garden? What kind of lawn mowers do you want? By following the steps below, you will be guided to choose the best self propelled lawn mower for you.

Types of lawnmowers

Nothing adorns the garden as beautiful as a green lawn. To keep grass in top condition, the quality of the lawn mower plays a big role. With this mower guide, you will learn about lawnmowers and you know quickly what the best lawn mower for you to buy.

Manual, electric or petrol lawn mowers

Hand lawn mower is a type of reel mower, a roller rotates with knives in a circular cage in which the grass is cut. An advantage of using lawn mowers is that the grass recovers quickly.

Most electric lawn mowers are known as rotary mowers where the grass is cut using a sharp blade that rotates at high speed. There are also electric cylinder mowers in which the cutter blades are driven in the electric cage. Electric mowers are particularly suitable for cutting medium-sized lawns.

Gasoline mowers operate on the same principle as the electric mower described above but they are only powered by a gasoline engine and not by electricity. Gasoline mowers are more powerful than electric mowers and often equipped with drive wheels. If you have a large lawn then a gasoline mower is definitely an option.

Electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers are sold in embodiments in which the mower is pushed or self-propelled by means on the drive wheels.


Ride or float

Most lawnmowers are on wheels. Hand mowers have two wheels, electric and petrol mowers usually 4. A type which has no wheels is called the hover mower. In a hover mower, the mowers, as a result of air pressure slightly, come off the ground.

With the following tips will, you get the grass in top condition:

  • Lawn mowers with sharp blades give better grass.
  • Unless you mow with a special mulching mower, the grass clippings are not on the lawn.
  • Cut the grass in different directions. For example, one time in length next in width.
  • Make sure the grass gets enough calcium and nutrition.
  • Frequent mowing prevents and combats weeds. Pruning does bloom, mow does grow!

How big is your lawn?

Of course you can mow a soccer field with a hand mower. But it is not convenient at all. It is, therefore, recommended to adjust the mower to the size of the lawn. Many shop therefore have determined a lawn mower for the lawn size that is most appropriate. This is determined based on cutting width and the force that holds a lawnmower.

Small lawn: <50 m² lawn area
Small / medium lawn:> 50 sqm – 200 sqm lawn area
Medium lawn:> 200 m² – 400 m² lawn area
Medium / large lawn:> 400 m² – 600 m² lawn area
Large lawn:> 600 m² lawn area

With or without cable?

A lawnmower may be driven in various ways. Most mowers are powered by mains and therefore have a cord, but there are also various types of cordless lawnmowers.

Lawn mowers with cord

  • Electric lawnmowers
  • For small and medium gardens
  • Relatively powerful engine
  • Relatively reasonably priced
  • Continuous power
  • You should always have a power point near
  • Without extension you can not get far

Cordless mowers

  • Manual lawn mowers
  • For smaller gardens
  • Nice quiet due to the lack of an engine
  • More compact to store than other types
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • You always have to push it
  • A catcher is often optional, but rarely default

All hand mowers

  • Gasoline mowers
  • For medium to large gardens
  • Usually equipped with very powerful engines
  • Wireless
  • Relatively high maintenance fee
  • Is noisy

Robotic mowers

  • For medium to large gardens
  • Usually equipped with very powerful engines
  • Wireless
  • Relatively high maintenance fee
  • Is noisy

Would you like extra convenience?


When you specify the size of your lawn and what type of lawn mower is the most suitable, you can still see what extra features you need.


An useful extra feature for particularly heavy lawn mower is self-propelled. This feature ensures that the lawnmower is itself slowly moving forward, so you have to make less effort.

Mulching function

Another useful option is the mulching function. This feature ensures that the grass is finely shredded, so it serves as fertilizer for the lawn and you will not need to catch the clippings or to rake up.

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