Camping in the garden – A wonderful experience

Emma Cook and family camp in their garden

Sleep in a tent for one night will make most children very enthusiastic, especially when they are with the whole family. Perhaps they can help even with the tent build and set up.

Warm summer nights without rain are particularly suitable for this adventure. But even if at night during electrical storms – the way to the house is not far. Camping in your backyard does not present any risks and just as much fun as a camping trip to the lake or going on holiday. Then you should look for the best camping equipment together with your child.

What you need for camping in the garden

Of course the most important tool if you want to camp with your child in the garden is a tent. Do you not have your own tent and you do not camp often? You can borrow one from friends or neighbors or opt for one of cheap camping tents for sale in the super markets. For the overnight stay in a tent, you need an insulated pad. This may be a sleeping pad or air mattress, also sheepskins are ideal as an insulating underlay. Finally, you need a sleeping bag or a pillow with blanket, even if in the summer. And finally, a flashlight is needed – because it is nice and convenient if you or your child have a night out. Think of mosquito repellent. If your tent does not have a safe mosquito net, you should rub mosquito repellent cream on yourself and your child thoroughly.

To have fun with your children while camping

If you only have bare tents, it is too boring in the garden, you can come up with the event with your little child. A garden camping trip without childish nagging? With our tips that’s no problem! The tents in your backyard can provide you and your child with a lot of fun game and adventure. Let yourself be infected by the spirit of adventure and joy with your young children to enjoy the camping and tighten the family bond.

Build a campfire.

Tents for sale are available in the market, take one and gather all at the evening around the campfire to tell stories and sing songs. A particularly beautiful camp-mood comes up when one of the parents can accompany the singing with a guitar.

Broil marshmallows and French bread.

The popular classics at every campfire! Organize a campfire or take fire bowl or charcoal to grill food on. Sausage on a stick or marshmallow candy really nice outdoor feeling. Gather together with the children and grill marshmallows with bread dough and help younger children during roasting of delicacies.

Host a night hike.

Make a night walk together with the child only with a flashlight. After that, it is especially nice to cuddle up together into the tent. Most kids love night walks with a certain horror factor. In your camping equipment list, the flashlight therefore should not be missing.

Play games in the afternoon

If the weather makes the outdoor activities impossible, you can also play the favorite board games of the family in the tent. Age-appropriate card and board games or puzzle with not too many small parts can be best time-consuming game.

Organize a scavenger hunt.

The area on and around the campsite is ideal for a treasure hunt. Little explorers can explore in this way while playing in the nature with prepared notes (pen and paper) you have wrapped on the wick.

Hold a contest.

Open a volleyball, football or badminton tournament. Form at lease two different teams with the whole family member. Such tournaments give your children a great opportunity to get to know their peers.

Embark on expedition.

Become a researcher with a plant identification book and go on expedition in the nature. Imagine you were a researcher on squad on expedition through a mysterious jungle. You will be surprised, which variety of plants met you on expedition through a mysterious jungle.

Shadow Theater in the tents

Flashlight and tent wall give the perfect stage for an exciting and fun shadow theater, which complements the bed time story with character made of your own hands. All you need are flashlights and tents for sale in the store.

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