The embroidery process involves three most important aspects: Design, Machine, Stabilization. Imagine for a moment that embroidery is like building a building. What if we have a flat wrong? What if we have some good shots, but bad pallets? What if we have some good plans, good blades, but dangerous materials? Well, if one of these variables is not properly, we will lose quality in the process of embroidery. It is also advisable to opt for the best embroidery machine


It is the pattern that will continue our machine embroidery, an embroidery machine does not understand images, is a coordinate system and we have to prepare a specific file with a specific soft, if it is not properly adjusted, we will lose quality in the embroidery process, we have different levels quiet, we can also start with a basic sweet and gradually go up the same level or sub-contract can also picking, so we ensure quality design from the beginning

No need to explain that it is important a good soft, we recommend, then we starting a software embroidery quality without paying outrageous and expand the functions of it as they grow our embroidery needs without having to change software embroidery, so we accompany the same environment & operation until we are a mega professional embroiderer

Embroidery machine:

If the embroidery machine can not carry out an embroidered with adequate precision, we will lose quality in the process of embroidery

Needless to say that an embroidery machine cheap will “reasonable accuracy” and only at low speed if you can get to give quality, get something in condition, an embroidery machine more reliable work at a higher speed range being much more profitable in the short and medium term for quality and short production times

Not only that but often this is the difference to stay in the shop all day not to move as necessary in the face embroidery machine out to sell our products to embroider the same production in much less time. This means having or not having POWER STICK


If lycra or knitted fabric is not well stabilized, we will have a deformed embroidery or wrinkled losing quality in the process of machine embroidery

So when you purchase an embroidery machine it is important that this behind the sale, we guarantees as professionals, that will respond (all sellers what they want is to sell. Let’s keep in mind) showing us who know what they were on hand, we are specialized for 50 years in maquis embroidery, clothing, home and technical textiles and our factory has over 25 years of experience


Well, our embroidery machines today are a benchmark worldwide

Powerstick have embroidery machines in the market with 20 years old and worked as the first day, embroidery machines with 15 years that are faster than other embroidery machines new and have the same benefits as embroidery machines today thanks their control live via WINDOWS, not only that, but they are modular, we can expand as we grow and build our machine embroidery on demand, with many heads embroidery as we want and more:

Program pecking is recognized worldwide as one of the best embroidery software, if more is not for us is, why we distribute our embroidery machines, also this program will accompany throughout his career, and who may be expanding its soft as it grows and more:

Consumables TRAMUNTANA, who have passed our quality tests embroidering to 1800 stitches per minute, our selection of the best German and European manufacturers embroidery supplies available and more:

Supplier portfolio, we will provide the necessary contacts so you can find everything you need for your center embroidered polo shirts, towels, sweatshirts, caps


In large quantities, we will win more in the garment in the embroidery itself

In small amounts, it makes turns, as the work of implementation is higher but keep in mind the different types of orders that are going to make:

  • 1 Customization for fickle customers
  • 2nd Series 10 garments for work or sport horsemanships
  • 3rd Series 10-100 items
  • 4th + 100 garments

Depending on the amount we have to make more or less adjusted price

The cost involves several factors, we take those we believe most important (see link below) we must bear in mind that these vary depending on areas, local workers, each must assess and amend the relevant variables

To know in detail the cost of embroidery:

But do not worry, with the Powerstick machine will deliver a FREE Estimator automatically !!!


With space about 4 square meters can mount a kiosk, trailer, beach bar, shop, outlet, home workshop or garage embroidery

It is clear that the most commercial area is less need to go out and find customers

And the less, more trade will have to be you, and we will go to Sting door because the work does not come alone. Later we will give you some tips to find customers


Structuring and translate our idea on paper embroidery center

At this point, we understand that it has taken into account its realistic capacity as a person capable of initiating a challenge of this level and commitment, responsibility and freedom that comes with being the manager of our own company own

And as it develops its project, it will be modified depending on the results and market demand because it will be like a child that we must listen to know where we should lead it.

And finally keep in mind that luck, it helps you, one forges his luck.

Help! My engine does not start!

Cold and silent before the engine can often lead to starting problems. And there is nothing more annoying than an engine that will not start when you want to go for a ride. That is why we have made a list of common causes of startup problems and possible solutions. We do not claim that the list is complete. To avoid this, opt for the best car battery

Before we start enumerating some possible causes and solutions first this advice: Never start for more than five consecutive counts, wait ten counts to recover the battery and try again. A starter motor draws maximum current from the battery; if you arrive late, you have more fun of him to rest. Some possible problems and solutions. We assume that the engine before it was parked showed no problems.

Problems without that there is something wrong with the engine:

  • The kill switch is set to “OFF.”
    Set this to “ON” and try to start the motor.
  • The acceleration is not in NEUTRAL, and the stand is extended.
    Most engines have a guard to prevent driving off with a folded standard. A switch is a standard that you can not start the engine in gear with a folded standard.
    Acceleration put into neutral and try to start again.

Some models in the motorcycle (Suzuki) you also need to start squeezing the clutch.

  • The fuel tap (if you still have it) is close
    pivot open valve, wait and start the engine
  • Your gas tank is empty
    there is nothing else than to run with the engine closest to the pump or to pick up a jerry can of petrol.
  • The fuel evaporates from the carburetors
    When an engine has stopped with carburetors long time (winter), then it may be that the fuel which remains present in the carburetor is completely evaporated. The primer ( “PRI”) position of the fuel tap to fix this quickly. You put him second or 10 open (causing fuel enters the carburetor) and then start the engine using the choke. Remember to restore the valve to its normal position!
  • The so-called vapor lock
    As long as you are driving, the developed heat is dissipated by the wind. As the speed decreases, while there is less heat generated, but there is also discharged less heat, so the temperature of your beautiful block can rise.Especially if your engine is stopped and you have no forced cooling on your radiator. In hot weather it can, therefore, avoid all the gasoline in the fuel supply system / vaporizes the carburetor, causing the fuel is no longer liquid and does not flow anymore. The motor thus receives no fuel and will not start.
    Patience and wait for you to block what is cool is the best solution to this problem. Otherwise, choice off (so you get a richer mixture), throttle open and start.
  • Flooded engine. This can only occur in engines with carburetors. The engine stinks of gasoline and will not start. The remedy here is again waiting, or choice out, gas fire and start.
  • External interference from your immobilizer
    Some (transmitters) at engine alarms are sensitive to transmission equipment. A GSM mast, as they sometimes occur at service stations, can ensure that your engine will not start. You hear the starter or not ticking, and you hear not sound fuel pump.
    You engine pushing a little way away from such a GSM mast is the solution.

A real motorcycle alarm does not suffer from this.

  • Hand transmitter battery is empty
  • When the battery from your alarm transmitter is empty, you can not send a signal to turn off your engine alarms. You notice this because any lights on your remote do not do more because your alarm was unresponsive.
  • Replace the battery and synchronize the transmitter back on your alarm, as described in the manual of your alarm.
  • Most alarms go over time to a power-saving “sleep” mode. You alarms, therefore, does not respond directly to the transmitter. Usually, you have this button on your remote keep some seconds consecutively. Consult the manual of your alarm.
  • Make sure if you have an alarm, that you know the emergency code, which you can turn off the alarm without the transmitter and know how to use it.

Is my dog or puppy sick?

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to keep your dog healthy. You’ll learn all about vaccinations, treating fleas and worms and you will discover how you can tell that something is wrong with your dog to get, for example, best flea treatment for dogs

best flea treatment for dogs

Is my dog or puppy sick?

How do you know if your dog or puppy is sick? Use this quick checklist to see if he is ok or that you have with your dog to the vet.

  • Eyes should be clean and be clear, no separation.
  • The nose should be moist and fresh, with dark pigmentation and no separation.
  • Breath should smell fresh, and your dog should breathe normally.
  • Gums should be even pink, and rose again within two seconds when you press.
  • Teeth should be white and clean.
  • Ears should look clean and smell good.
  • The coat should be shiny and not dull.
  • The skin must be smooth, clean and soft (Tip: gently pull some skin on the shoulder of your dog in a corner and release – if the skin does not immediately turn hits into place, have your dog is suffering from dehydration).

Go through this checklist every week. That helps you to discover what is normal for your dog – which makes it easy to find instantly if something is going on and he might need medical attention.

Beware Sign!

Mark has settled on the skin of the dog. Ticks are flat spider-like creatures that nestle on the skin of a host. They can attach themselves to your dog during any hike, but the risk of infection is greatest when your dog runs through the bushes or tall grass. Throughout the year creep sign to the top of grasses and shrubs and wait here until a host passes, only to cling on to. Infection is, therefore, to prevent tough.

What implications sign for my dog?

Sign attach themselves to the dog with their mouth parts. After the tick has bitten the dog’s skin, he will suck blood. The spot where the tick clings often red and slightly inflamed. A sign of danger is that they can convey the Lyme disease. This disease can cause various symptoms, including joint inflammation, lethargy, and fever. When symptoms to consult a veterinarian quickly is important.

If you find a tick on your dog, it usually takes 24 hours before going to suck blood. Until that time, the tick can be removed without the need for possible transfer has taken a place of the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. It is, therefore, wise to after walking through a risk to check your dog for ticks.

Remove sign

Removing ticks is relatively straightforward. All you need is tick tweezers. You pick up the tick with the tweezers as close as possible to the skin to prevent the head remains. Then you turn the pliers until the tick detaches from the skin. Before you throw away, the tick or the head removed

When the head remains, it will need to wear out. A little inflammatory reaction with redness and thickening of the house usually occurs anyway but goes pretty quickly disappear by itself. If this is not the case, consult your veterinarian.

How to find a good vet?

If the breeder of your dog or a neighbor can recommend a good vet, then that is, of course, great. But if that is not the case, you can even stop by a few clinics, watch it in the waiting room at sundry, and then practice choose where you feel best at.

Checks and vaccinations

Take your dog as soon as possible after you get him to the vet for a checkup. Ideally, your dog is completely on his vaccinations, but if that is not the case, you may have to make an appointment but the best as soon as possible. Until he has had all vaccinations, it is not safe for your dog area where other dogs have been for him.

Discuss is, therefore, worming, flea treatment, nail trimming, and other general care. Call or go on to your veterinarian for advice if your dog does not eat a few days, diarrhea, vomiting or without reason is listless.

The size and the price of a mattress

The size of a mattress

When you buy a mattress, you have to deal with different sizes. With a double bed, you can choose between one at large mattress or two narrower. When you choose what? And what are the options if your bed has different sizes? How to find the best memory foam mattress topper in the right size with the mattress.

2 singles or 1 double

For a double bed, you can choose between one double mattress and two single mattresses. Usually, you lie in bed, you can choose the best for a double mattress. For 2 people 2 single mattresses can be more convenient. For example, if:

  • Your bed partner a very different posture and / or body weight than you.
  • Your bed partner has different preferences for the firmness of the mattress.
  • Your bed partner has more or less perspiration than you.
  • You bed partner wants a cool mattress
  • Your bed partner has physical complaints

A box spring combination

The mattresses are in a box spring combination on the bottom and not in a casing. Therefore, there is more risk of sliding two single mattresses. Want to put two single mattresses on your box spring? Consult the seller how to prevent the two mattresses slide apart.

Avoid the gully

Many people who have two single mattresses in a double fault the trench or gap between the two mattresses. Look at the test are That the mattresses fit together and how you experience the connection. There are tees That You put between the mattresses. Then you feel the gap anymore. Sometimes you can also tick the zips together. Various brands offering the ability to stop two different mattress cores in a double ticking. You have, as it were two mattresses That feel like a mattress. Discuss possible solutions with the seller.

Mattress size

The most standard measure of length 200 cm. The widths are almost always 80 cm, 90 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm. In our tested mattresses we ask is always delivered to the manufacturer in All which dimensions of the mattress. Most mattresses in the comparator or Particularly expensive brands are available in the following widths (horizontal) and length (vertical):

70 80 90 100 120 140 160 180

200 X X X X X X X X

210 X X X X X X X X

220 X X X X X X X X

The bold colors are nowhere available in all brands. So Ikea mattresses are provided only in a length of 200cm. Leenbakker uses only sells in size length 200cm but has a reasonable choice in mattresses or 70 cm.
Do you want to deviate from thesis measurements? There are specialists available on the Internet that provide mattresses in different sizes and shapes. Especially in caravans and boats are different shapes and sizes, but useful in self-made beds and baby cribs. To what extent you can choose the filling and the ticking depends on the supplier. Even people who are heavier, suppliers can access a custom mattress.

The price of a mattress

In our mattress never simultaneously stand mattresses from € 100 to over € 1,500. What causes these price? And is an expensive mattress better than a cheap mattress? The price does not say anything about the quality of a mattress.

If we look at the test and judge the price, we can draw the following conclusions: At the ten mattresses with the highest test result, there are only two more than € 1,000 costs. There are 19 mattresses with a higher test result than the most expensive mattress from the trial (€ 1700). 6 of these mattresses are cheaper than € 500. So you can not deduce the quality of a mattress in the price. Herein, other factors play a role.

Forcing prices

That does not mean never explain price differences. There are several characteristics that mattresses more expensive, but also better. Think about:

  • A thick, durable ticking.
  • A wide zipped with coarse teeth.
  • Piping along the zipper that prevents the ticks comes between the teeth of the zipper.
  • A zipper that goes all the way around the ticking, so you can remove the tick in two parts of the mattress.
  • Handles on the side. The more and the larger, the more expensive.
  • Double stitching.
  • Luxurious fabrics, such as wool and silk in the ticking and stuffing.
  • A tick that you can wash at 60 ° C.
  • The use of other bonding materials or adhesives.

There are also inflationary properties whose value has not always been proven. As:

  • Many stitching and intricate stitch patterns in the ticking.
  • Use of many different materials in the ticking and stuffing.
  • Complicated construction of the filling.
  • Innovative (new) parts and materials.
  • Especially the latter is notorious. An innovative approach can also not work. This risk is reflected in the
  • product price.
  • Mass production
  • The more mattresses allow a manufacturer, the lower will be the cost of production. A good example is Ikea.

Manufacturers of expensive mattress brands like to claim that the quality of Ikea mattresses can not possibly be good because they are so cheap. But the giant, global production Ikea can make cheap mattresses of good quality. Moreover innovates Ikea or no, so they do not risk costs need to pass. This does not mean that all of Ikea mattresses are good. The mattress with the lowest score in our comparator is a product of Ikea.

Fixed mattress prices?

In December 2015, we investigated the prices of mattresses with 29 bed stores. Almost every store said the same price for the same mattress. There were only two exceptions, not exceeding 3%.

In the European Union, retailers are free to set their prices. So it is strange that almost no bed store seems to want to compete on selling prices. We have the results of our survey also reported to the Competition Directorate of the Authority’s Consumer & Market. Manufacturers deny that they oblige retailers to sell their mattresses at a fixed price.

According to the manufacturers, there is a large part of the year, price actions hefty discounts on their brand. But these measures are determined by the manufacturer. Thus, the cost reductions and thus also the prices yet again the same everywhere.

Negotiate for perks

According to vendors and manufacturers there is indeed “to arrange something with the price. Consumers should it or ask for it. And the less you buy, the more modest the benefit. Who buys only a single mattress, will have to do more with a free pillow or duvet than a reduction in hard currency. This is usually only given if you buy multiple items at one time.

What type of lawnmower do I need?

You have no idea what kind of lawn mower is best suited for your garden and lawn? When you start looking for a new lawnmower, you will come across many types, sizes and brands of lawnmowers even the best self propelled lawn mowers. To arrive at a correct choice, you will find some possibilities and benefits of different types of lawn mowers below. Also, you will find detailed product information on ordering any online lawnmower in the shop. Read everything at your convenience by allowing you to choose the right lawn mower for your garden and lawn.

Types of lawn mower

Hand Reel Mower

  • For lawns up to about 50m²
  • Cutting width: larger cage = faster results
  • Adjustable cutting height adjustable to type of garden and season
  • Self-sharpening blades = low maintenance

The result of the cut with a reel mower is nicer. This is because the grass is cut with a hand mower and will not be knocked off like most circle mowers. You have a smaller garden, and you want a tight English lawn, then a hand mower the right choice. There are electric cylinder mowers next hand cylinder mowers also available.

Rotary mower

  • For lawns up to approximately 250m²
  • Diameter: larger diameter = faster results
    mowing convenient and easy
  • Adjustable cutting height adjustable to type of lawn and season
  • Knives are sharpening = longer life

For sale with an electric motor, battery or petrol engine. The use of an electric, battery or petrol rotary mower, in particular, is very comfortable and time-saving about a hand mower. When you have a medium sized lawn is an electric rotary mower ideal. This same principle applies to cordless mowers. When you have a large garden is a petrol rotary mower more appropriate.

Hover Mowers

  • For lawns up to approximately 100m²
  • Convenient and saves time
  • Ideal for small gardens difficult
  • Easy operation and very agile

A hover mower works much like a hovercraft; he seems to float across the yard. Using a hover mower is particularly well suited to rolling lawns and mowing grass along the edges of the water. The big advantage of electric hover mower is particularly the ease of use and simple operation.


  • For lawns from about 250m²
  • Powerful and various price ranges
  • Large cutting widths
  • Convenient and saves time
  • Ideal for more major surfaces
  • Robust and reliable

A lawn tractor is a key to success and indispensable when you have a garden with big grass surfaces. Lawn tractors are available in various models with different engines from attractively priced to vigorously BluePower environmentally efficient engine technology.

Usage tips

1. Select the correct cutting height

You can try the best to keep your lawn at a fixed height. What height that depends on what you would like. A yard with short grass is better, but a lawn with longer grass dries more quickly and is more resistant to weeds. Lengths of 3 to 5 cm are typical.

As a rule, you can say that you should not cut more than one-third of the grass length. So if your lawn is 6 cm high, you can cut it back to 4 cm. If you are webmail too much, the grass struggling to recover.

2. Storing your lawnmower

For a mower with a cord are no special storage instructions.
When cordless mowers are better to save the battery itself not too cold place in the winter months. Li-ion batteries are sensitive to (low) temperatures.

Do you have a lawn mower on gasoline, pay attention to the fuel you use. Regular gasoline has a limited shelf life (approximately six weeks). After that substances separate into gas and sink, which can damage the engine. If you use regular gasoline, you must ensure that there is no fuel left in the tank after your job.

Alternatively, there is the so-called Alkylate. This is gas that stays longer tenable in the tank.

3. Safety

It’s a good idea to give some thought to security if you are going to use a piece of electrical equipment.

Also with lawnmowers happen frequently accidents such as someone removes excess grass with the engine running. A lawnmower can also small stones from the lawn with a lot of speed in the round do fly, with all its consequences. Protective clothing is therefore not a luxury.

Finally, it is worthwhile to use hearing protection, especially in noisy petrol mowers.

TIPS For Game Camera Users

Game cameras or trail camera are designed for an area scouting to determine the type and quality of the large game that can be there. These cameras are an invaluable source revealed to hunters (for example Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera). The basic use of a trail camera is easy, there are a number of ways to be more successful with a little.


Choosing a camera type

Game cameras come with an array of features including 35mm and digital options. For those looking to shoot in an open area, and visit the camera quite often, a 35mm trail camera with motion detection shutter ideal. Those who have a very busy area with lots of trees and the potential for a lot of traffic to be scouting to look for a camera with an infrared detection shutter speed to prevent images from tree limbs swaying in the breeze. Buy a digital camera if you will not visit the area very often, as this will ensure hundreds of photos will take instead of just the number limited by a roll of film.

Do not try

Setting a camera with a flash of three feet from a common deer trail would not be a good idea. The device’s flash would be enough for the ghost of an animal in its normal route to avoid changing the location after only a few flashes. Make a point of setting the camera about 10 feet from the location of a trail, animal sign or a bait pile.

General tips

  • Never a camera facing directly to set East or West. Photos of the rising or setting sun will not turn out well, and silhouettes of animals may be difficult to see.
  • Buy a lock or a camera that has an installed. This will prevent your camera is stolen.
  • The camera recording your personal belongings from your home insurance, complete with make, model, and serial code – often on the inside of the camera you’ll adjust settings in case stolen.
  • Put fresh batteries when you move the device again. It’s no fun to go out to check your camera only to find that it took two shots before the camera died.

Can you use a game camera indoors?

Many hunters, outdoorsmen and nature photographers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of trail cameras, appreciate the ability of the devices recording without human intervention. With special attention, these cameras can also be used for indoor purposes ranging from personal photography to home security.

Choose the right camera

Hunters and outdoorsmen who can not find all trail camera equipment itself limited to a specific brand and model, but some types of trail cameras seem more suitable for indoor use than others. Trail cameras fall into one of three general categories: digital cameras with infrared, invisible flash; standard digital cameras with flash and regular film cameras with flash. Since most indoor conditions typically require filling out a camera flash shaded areas and shadows, visible flash to adjust in a film or digital camera to the needs of photographers inside. For homeland security applications, however, the invisible infrared cameras can provide a more subtle, discreet vehicle for capturing images. Using these descriptions of camera types available, select the trail camera that best suits your needs given in photography.

Set lighting

The numerous options of the flash design by manufacturers of trail cameras specially designed for use outdoors, natural light conditions. Because natural sunlight much brighter, creates well-lit conditions, a user must complete lighting conditions when using a trail camera indoors. A number of photographer lamps are commercially available and easily accessible by discount chains and online retailers, but professional lighting costs can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To avoid these costs, consider bright fluorescent or incandescent light already available in the house to create ideal lighting conditions for trail cameras. Using the camera flash system to help fill in the shaded areas and gaps. If possible, place the camera in the light source to avoid silhouetting.

Activating the camera shutter

The most obvious difference between traditional cameras and cameras trail involves activation of the camera shutter. Because trail cameras are designed to be placed along a trail and take automated photo, voice activated their shutters normally by a timer or a built-in motion sensor. For indoor use, non-security, a user must configure the camera to Manual Image Capture. This configuration is available through a simple adjustment in some models; but other, more basic models can require the user to travel by the shutter to expose the movement in front of the camera. Alternatively, users who own cameras with time-lapse functionality can set the time-lapse interval to the shortest possible setting time than the next shutter exposure. By choosing the right camera, adjust lighting to optimal levels and manually triggering the shutter (or work with time-lapse delay), a user may conveniently use a trail camera just like a traditional manual camera inside.

Our tips for choosing the pack and play.

At home or traveling, the baby playpen proves to be the ideal solution to keep the baby in a safe space, and save time to perform a task or just to blow. It is, therefore, important to choose carefully to ensure the comfort and security needed for your child. For a suitable and especially appropriate choice, then it is essential before purchasing a baby pack n play to consider several parameters and criteria. Then read my article about best pack and play.

The pack and play is a classic childcare equipment. If at the beginning, the baby lounger is best suited when beginning to play in the day and to be able to move alone, it is interesting to give him a space of his own with his toys, this is the time for buying a baby pack and play whether it is octagonal, square, round or oval… And if you have pets or older kids, your baby will be safe in his pack and play. Around 6 months, when baby starts moving and he is sitting alone, pack and play to play then become his favored playground. The pack and play for the nursery can be made of wood, canvas or mesh. You choose the simple baby pack and play that best suits you depending on the space you have, of where you put it and use that you will make.

Content of the article:

  • The choice of the park according to security
  • The wood infant pack and play
  • The playpen canvas or mesh
  • A wide choice of parks for baby
  • Our other sections of the site for baby parks

The choice of the pack n play according to security

To ensure both the safety and comfort your child when in the baby pack and play, it is important to make sure first that the pack and play is chosen in accordance with different safety standards. To be sure, just check that it is marked “Conforms to safety standards.” Always with a view to ensure its security, prefer baby pack and plays that have rigid bars. These allow your baby to take good support and thus to learn to get up with much more ease, which is not the case of fabrics pack and plays. They are too soft and do not facilitate good support.

The wood infant pack and play

The wooden pack and plays are very convenient for your baby because they can cling to the bars to stand. You can also place baby games or toys on the bars. Some brands offer foldable pack and play to save space when it is not in use. There are also pack and plays for the baby that are height adjustable to suit the age of the child. When the baby grows, you can leave your child out alone with the baby pack and plays with drop bars. Available in numerous shades of the wooden pack and play harmonizes well with many interiors and it is important to choose the robust. Sometimes with certain brands, you can add optional baby pack and play rollers for baby’s comfort or of course a floor mat for the baby pack and play.

The playpen canvas or mesh

It is generally used as an extra park. Mostly these are mild baby parks that fall easily. It is often more colorful as proposed with patterns or mesh of different hues. You may occasionally use it instead of an extra bed. Whatever your choice is, it is important to check the baby pack and play that you will buy has the honors “consistent with security requirements”. This certifies that the product meets the NF S 54-010 standards (French GAAP) and EN 12227 (European standard) on childcare products. These standards guarantee you the strength and the absence of dangerous parts for children (sharp edges or small parts). This is why we select recognized brands as Geuther or Combelle.

A wide choice of pack and plays for baby

Our advice here is to find many models at first. There is, for example, natural varnish oval park with the foldable bottom of Combelle which is 1.45 m in diameter and offers a spacious playground. Geuther Belami provides the lightweight pack and play with an adjustable bottom pack and play on three heights level that is suitable for the size of the child. You want to be able to easily move the baby to the park? Opt for Gaby pack and play with floor Combelle or Lucy pliable toy, Lucilee pack and play, beech Geuther, they are fitted with handy castors!

Camping in the garden – A wonderful experience.

Sleep in a tent for one night will make most children very enthusiastic, especially when they are with the whole family. Perhaps they can help even with the tent build and set up.

Warm summer nights without rain are particularly suitable for this adventure. But even if at night during electrical storms – the way to the house is not far. Camping in your backyard does not present any risks and just as much fun as a camping trip to the lake or going on holiday. Then you should look for the best camping equipment together with your child.

What you need for camping in the garden

Of course the most important tool if you want to camp with your child in the garden is a tent. Do you not have your own tent and you do not camp often? You can borrow one from friends or neighbors or opt for one of cheap camping tents for sale in the super markets. For the overnight stay in a tent, you need an insulated pad. This may be a sleeping pad or air mattress, also sheepskins are ideal as an insulating underlay. Finally, you need a sleeping bag or a pillow with blanket, even if in the summer. And finally, a flashlight is needed – because it is nice and convenient if you or your child have a night out. Think of mosquito repellent. If your tent does not have a safe mosquito net, you should rub mosquito repellent cream on yourself and your child thoroughly.

To have fun with your children while camping

If you only have bare tents, it is too boring in the garden, you can come up with the event with your little child. A garden camping trip without childish nagging? With our tips that’s no problem! The tents in your backyard can provide you and your child with a lot of fun game and adventure. Let yourself be infected by the spirit of adventure and joy with your young children to enjoy the camping and tighten the family bond.

Build a campfire.

Tents for sale are available in the market, take one and gather all at the evening around the campfire to tell stories and sing songs. A particularly beautiful camp-mood comes up when one of the parents can accompany the singing with a guitar.

Broil marshmallows and French bread.

The popular classics at every campfire! Organize a campfire or take fire bowl or charcoal to grill food on. Sausage on a stick or marshmallow candy really nice outdoor feeling. Gather together with the children and grill marshmallows with bread dough and help younger children during roasting of delicacies.

Host a night hike.

Make a night walk together with the child only with a flashlight. After that, it is especially nice to cuddle up together into the tent. Most kids love night walks with a certain horror factor. In your camping equipment list, the flashlight therefore should not be missing.

Play games in the afternoon

If the weather makes the outdoor activities impossible, you can also play the favorite board games of the family in the tent. Age-appropriate card and board games or puzzle with not too many small parts can be best time-consuming game.

Organize a scavenger hunt.

The area on and around the campsite is ideal for a treasure hunt. Little explorers can explore in this way while playing in the nature with prepared notes (pen and paper) you have wrapped on the wick.

Hold a contest.

Open a volleyball, football or badminton tournament. Form at lease two different teams with the whole family member. Such tournaments give your children a great opportunity to get to know their peers.

Embark on expedition.

Become a researcher with a plant identification book and go on expedition in the nature. Imagine you were a researcher on squad on expedition through a mysterious jungle. You will be surprised, which variety of plants met you on expedition through a mysterious jungle.

Shadow Theater in the tents

Flashlight and tent wall give the perfect stage for an exciting and fun shadow theater, which complements the bed time story with character made of your own hands. All you need are flashlights and tents for sale in the store.

Homemade Reed Diffuser Base

Reed valves have become popular in home decor industry. For security conscious, reed valves are a welcome alternative to scented candles – they fill a room with fragrance without the risk of open flames. Creating your own reed diffuser is not difficult. A homemade reed diffuser not only saves you money, but it also gives you the opportunity to fill the house with the aroma of pure essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrances. Here is the instruction to make your own homemade reed diffuser base and essential oil for it.


  • Making a homemade base is not an exact science. With different ratios of Dipropylene Glycol, the essential oil can be used, depending on how strongly the oils, and the desired strength of the final product. A good starting point is 7 parts Dipropylene to 3 parts oil. Start by uncapping storage bottle. Using a funnel to avoid spills, slowly pour in the desired amount. Then add your perfumed oil. If you use a pure essential oil, the odds are that it will have a roof on it that only dispenses a drop of oil at once. This cap can be pulled off to allow for easier pouring. Summary storage bottle and shake it gently to ensure even distribution of fragrance. Remove the lid and smell the mixture in order to determine whether it is strong enough for their purpose. If you prefer a stronger scent, you can repeat the process by adding one more part of essential oil to the base until you are satisfied with the result. The maximum ratio of oil and Dipropylene Glycol is 1: 1. Remember that your oil is heavier than DPGF. Too much oil will always dense reeds, leaving them unable to wick fragrance and spread fragrance in the room.
  • And to the resulting Dipropylene Glycol / oil mixture is too thick to be wicked properly. This can be remedied by adding a small amount of ointments alcohol to the mix. Not exceed 10 percent of the alcohol in the mix as this ingredient is highly flammable.
  • Attach the finished piece, when you are satisfied with fragrance and viscosity of reed diffuser. Using a funnel, pour gently your base in a wide-necked bottle display, leaving at least an inch of space at the top to allow for displacement when putting reeds. Almost any material can be used for the bottle. Glass, ceramics, although strong plastics are good options.
  • Put the reeds into the bottle and let them rest in the base for about 10 minutes. This step begins with reeds are soaked up the fragrant base. Carefully flip the reeds over the bottle, exposing tips that have been soaking. Arrange reeds by airing them out.

How to make essential oil for your homemade reed diffuser base

Homemade reed diffuser base is an easy way to enhance any room with essential oil of your favorite. Essential oils for diffusers typically consist of essential oils for fragrance and a base oil to help diffuser reeds soak up and remove oil. When choosing essential oils, it is best to stay away from heavier oil as they do not diffuse well. Save money by using natural ingredients to create your own diffuser oils and experiment with fragrances tailored to your taste. If you are looking for a particularly strong fragrance, use synthetic fragrance oils instead of essential oils.

You need:

  • Vodka
  • Essential oils
  • Glass bottle
  • Mineral oil
  • Dipropylene Glycol, fragrance grade
  • Liquid potpourri

Step one: Mix 1/4 cup water, 1 tbsp of vodka and 12 drops of essential oils (no scent of your choice) in a glass bottle. The excess fragrance oil can be stored in a glass container at room temperature.

Step two: Mix 1/4 cup of mineral oil with 12 drops of essential oils (no scent of your choice) in a glass container. The excess can be stored at room temperature.

Step three: Mix seven parts scent-grade Dipropylene glycol (found at your local craft store) with three parts essential oils (no scent of your choice) in a glass container. Large profits at room temperature.

Step four: Buy liquid potpourri on hobby shop. Liquid potpourri can be used alone as fragrance oil for a diffuser.

Tips and Warnings:

Add perfumer’s alcohol aroma oil mixture if it ends up a bit too thick.

All about essential oil lamp diffuser

How to make an essential oil lamp diffuser

To release an essential oil in the air, all you have to do is heat it. Fancy diffuser lamps can control the amount of oil released, and in some cases will circulate aroma with a fan, but a simple light can do the trick just as well. Just add more drops of oil when you want to enhance the aroma.


Jar candles method

  • Kindle a jar candles and let it burn until there is a significant amount of wax on the bottom. More adult, the better.
  • Place several drops of essential oil in the bottom of the light. Space them at the edge of wax instead of in the middle of the flame.
  • As the candle burns, it will release the oil in the air. For a later release, adding oil to the inside edge of the light glass rather than directly in wax.

Tea candle diffuser

  • Make a small diffuser bowl of aluminum foil to keep the oil. One way to do this is to break the aluminum foil around the finger tips.
  • Make a small wire loop slightly smaller than the edge of the diffuser bowl. Magnet wire is good because it is thin and easy to bend. Binders also work. Do not use wire with thick plastic or rubber coating.
  • Cutting three pieces of wire, each 4 inches long. Attach the wire loop by turning the work around the loop. Each piece should have about 2.5 inches of wire sticking straight down from the loop.
  • Stick the cord ends between tea light and metal holder. Place the diffuser bowl in the loop and add several drops of oil.
  • Light candles. As it warms up the bowl, release the oil into the air.

Tips and Warnings

The higher up tea candle diffuser is, the more slowly release the oil.

How to use aroma bulbs for aromatherapy with a vaporizer

Aromatherapy is an important treatment option for many disorders. There is also a stress-relieving practice and act quickly to calm and soothe stressed bright. Aromatherapy is also another option to burn incense or smell candles and can be a great way to revitalize energy in a home. Aroma bulbs are easy-to-use accessories for vaporizers that can quickly spread the desired scent throughout a room. This is also a much safer method than the light burners.


  • In the heating element of the vaporizer machine clean Aroma bulb attachment.
  • Fill aroma bulb with water to about halfway.
  • Add three to four drops of essential oil to the water.
  • Adjust the vaporizer a medium heat.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use as a healing assistance, eucalyptus oil help ease a stuffy nose and a wheezy chest at night if used with a vaporizer.
  • Lavender oil is commonly used for soothing and invigorating and can help with sleep problems.
  • Do not overfill Aroma bulb with water, which may cause overflow when heated.
  • Do not adjust the heat setting too high as this may cause water to boil over Aroma bulb.
  • Keeping evaporates, Aroma pear and essential oils away from children, especially when it is turned on.

How to clean an essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers break down essential oils into separate molecules before spreading them throughout the room. These devices typically consist of a plastic base that keeps the engine and a glass tube containing and spreading oils. To prevent the oil buildup that can cause clogged diffuser and interfere with its operation, you should clean the diffuser few weeks or before changing essential oils. While the process may seem daunting at first because of the delicate nature of glass tubes, cleaning, and maintenance of an essential oil diffuser is not a difficult task.

You need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Dishwashing soap.
  • Hot water.

Step one: Add ½ ounce rubbing alcohol to diffuser yours. Rubbing alcohol safely removes sticky oils from every bit of winding and intricate glass carafe.

Step two: Run diffuser for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing alcohol to spread in the room. This will help alcohol cleanse all parts of the diffuser unit.

Step three: Remove the tube from the bottom of the diffuser and plug end of your finger.

Step four: Shake alcohol throughout the tube so that you distribute alcohol through all its nooks and crannies. If any oils still embedded in the glass tube, let it soak in alcohol overnight.

Step five: Empty alcohol from the diffuser. Dip a cotton swab in some alcohol and gently run it through the diffuser to ensure that no oil left.

Step six: Wash diffuser tube with a small amount of dish soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step seven: Turn the diffuser on and let it run without oil for a few minutes. This will ensure it dries thoroughly. Running a diffuser without oil will not cause any kind of damage.

Tips and Warnings

Use the diffuser on a daily basis to ensure the best performance. Diffuse balsam fir or lavender essential oils after using citrus oils to help dissolve the buildup to what oil lemon or orange is exposed. Refrain from using massage or carrier oils or viscous oils vetiver or patchouli, in a diffuser since they can clog the glass tube. Clear diffuser when not in use, since oils are allowed to sit for days or weeks can be solid and forms a thick buildup on the sides of the diffuser.

Pack and play: How to choose the right one for your baby

Content of the article:

  • What is a pack and play?
  • What is to be considered?
  • Why do I need a pack and play?

A tip now: On the Internet, many cheaper pack and play models than the local trade can be found and also you save valuable time with an online purchase.

Pack and play – What is that?

Often parents have to deal with the purchase of a pack and play after discovering the need for this great help in daily life only when the child takes the first steps. But already a much earlier study of this topic makes sense and you can prevent an unplanned baby explore with damage or even injury.

Almost all pack and play is in a square or rectangular shape that is delimited by protective grille on the sides. In appearance they resemble the grids with cots and also the height makes sure that an out climbing for young children is almost impossible. The material that is mainly used is wood. The pack and play floor is designed with a comfortable mattress. A pack and play review / comparison show that there are at the various models depending on the manufacturer, extra features that may be depending on the request, a purchasing criterion for a particular model.

Baby pack and play: What to Consider?

When choosing, there are two basic things that parents should be aware of:

a) The circumstances at home

The pack and play needs space and hence you should know how big the product is before making a purchase. For this purpose, it is recommended to measure the available space short and then assess the extent which is enclosed with the purchase. A classic pack and play usually has the format of 100 x 100 cm, but there are also models with 75 x 100 centimeters, which thereby are space-saving.

b) The range of functions

In all pack and play, baby can move freely and the bars ensure standing protection against excursions. But there are differences of functions. There are some models do not have roles and therefore can not be moved easily and quickly. Also, a collapsing feature for space-saving stowage can be useful.

Other useful features that are a must for many:

– Lockable wheels to protect against rolling

– Height-adjustable floor, which can be lowered with increasing size

– Comfortable pack and play (Tip: Check if included)

Pack and play Details: Features and applications

Pack and play are usually made of wood and have a height of 70 – 90 cm, which makes overcoming for babies almost impossible. It is always important that the pack and play has a firm footing and according to the manufacturer (manual) is set up. Comparing the offers of producers, two arrangements of pack and play emerge: It is usually four or hexagonal versions children protect with sprouts or a network prior to exiting the pack and play. The floor is usually made of a padded playpen insert, which is soft and washable. The last mentioned property is important because children when staying in pack and play also guarantees even drink or eat.

A height-adjustable bottom of the pack and play ensures that the growth of the child does not affect the safety of the pack and play and from this point it can be in use in the long term. Parents have the responsibility to pay attention to your child’s size. In mind, one should also note that the baby should not feel imprisoned by the grid.

Pack and play: materials and safety

As mentioned above, the most commonly used material for pack and play is wood, which usually consists of beech. Some vendors use for the frame construction and the sprouts even saliva resistant glazes, so no ingredients also are transmitted by contact with the mouth. Those who place great emphasis should choose such a product and pay attention to this feature especially.

Other products may be made of plastic and contain instead of sprouts, a network which has the advantage that it is not so hard if the baby once abuts against it. Another more practical feature of this type of pack and play is that it is foldable and quickly built up. Especially, when traveling or visiting grandma, it is an underestimated advantage. In terms of safety, a pack and play must always have a firm stand and if it contains integrated rollers also always backed with the relevant brakes.