We are incredibly impressed with the quality of work produced in such a short time. What is truly significant about this contest is the fact that wonderful and talented individuals and teams came together with the goal of making Detroit a better place with technology. If you're interested in continuing to be involved in civic tech in Detroit, sign up below, check out the Code for America Brigade — or feel free to email us anytime at detroit@codeforamerica.org.

The Apps for Detroit Team

Announcing the Apps for Detroit Winners:

ARTOWN Detroit

This mobile web app showcases Detroit's bountiful public art. An easy-to-use interface lets you browse and map everything from graffiti to museums. We're excited that the team is looking forward to expanding the app with new features and locations.

Created by an awesome team from the Entrega Systems Group: Meg Morley, Brent Mitchell, Randy Cummings, Kurt Waldowski, Kevin Horning, Jan van der Lee, Vitaly Gonchar, Sam Ajluni, Nathan Turner, and Monica Skrzynski.

My City - Detroit

This practical Android app makes information on bus routes, parks, libraries, and rec centers easily accessible. Created by Eric Endlich & Julian Valencia.


Not only did developer Devin Haselwood use real-time bus location from the Detroit Department of Transportation, he created a low-cost wireless display to make it publicly accessible.

For Best Design:


This slick iPhone app from Detroit Labs is a scavenger hunt and history lesson. It's not yet in the App Store, but you'll love it when it hits.

For Sustained Civic Innovation:

Why Don't We Own This

The Loveland team, all dedicated supporters of Detroit, have continued to create powerful & innovative approaches to local challenges.

Runners Up

Detroit Metrics

Shows the outcomes of the decisions people are making with public resources.


Encourages users to "spot" young citizen entrepreneurs and play supporting roles.

Explore Detroit Now

Explore Detroit Now supports a more positive viewpoint of tourism in Detroit.

Making Detroit

Making Detroit promotes Detroit's community of 'doers' to the media.

Pick Em Up

Helps residents find pickup games, an important social connector.

Bus Schedules

Allows bus riders to look up bus schedules via the web -- and via non-smartphones.


This app helps people check if they might be eligible for new programs benefitting undocumented immigrants

The Judges

Many thanks to our dedicated judges. They're no strangers to technology, and they call Detroit home.

Tech / Business

  • Ben Bator, Startup Founder
  • Nick De Nardis, Wayne State University

Civic / Government

  • Karla Henderson, Mayor's Office
  • Danielle Lewinski, Michigan Community Resources


  • Mikel Elcessor, Station Manager, WDET
  • Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press

Learn More

Interested in knowing more about the contest? All the challenges, information, and data we shared is still online. We're also happy to answer your questions at detroit@codeforamerica.org.

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