The high-end market has not been as sophisticated

Rare Woods Dax will have its own product development group, separate from that of Decorel. The new company will, however, enjoy the benefit of Decorel’s systems and service organization. “The high-end market has not been as sophisticated on the replenishment side as the mass market,” Scheyer says. Just as upscale market frame vendors have been […]

Wall frames and poster frames are a huge business

Frame vendors agree that the reason dollar growth has been concentrated at mass in recent years is that technology has improved the design and quality of mass market frames without necessitating a corresponding increase in prices. At the same time, this improvement, coupled with the emergence of a more value-oriented consumer, has dictated a drastic […]

Framed art and framing materials for Irving

Richard Varga, buyer of frames, framed art and framing materials for Irving, Tex.-based Michael’s, reports his frame business is up over last year by a “healthy amount.” Varga explains that, in the past year and a half, the 380-store crafts chain has gone to a more value-driven program in photo frames, offering them as a […]

The picture frame industry is expected to continue

The picture frame industry is expected to continue its modest growth in 1995, and is projecting a 5% increase for 1994. The growth is attributed to mass market sales and a higher gross margin in sales. Technology has enabled frame makers to make a better product at a lower cost. Customers are more particular in […]

Sharp’s interactive cooking system set

Sharp Corp. introduces its Interactive Cooking System microwave oven. The microwave oven tells consumers, step by step, how to cook a specific food. The microwave asks consumers the type of food they wish to cook, then provides advice, through a seven character display screen, on additional steps to take to cook the food properly. Sharp […]